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You might find yourself writing your email
in a plank position!


Yes, you can do it. I am a full-time working mom and I did it. I work over forty hours a week. My schedule is unpredictable, and life can get stressful.

I met Anna four years ago, and before that I had tried to establish my fitness routine: gyms, personal trainers, diets. Nothing worked. My life became so stressful that sleeping through the night became a luxury.

Anna designed special program tailored for my specific needs, based on my own test results, heart rate, and blood test. We started with complete detox and relaxation, massage sessions and changing sleep patterns. Then we were gradually adding cardio, weight lifting, breathing exercises, dancing and kickboxing. All that was complemented by nutrition plan, spa visits and therapy sessions. It all worked fine with and around my hectic schedule, believe it or not.

With Anna it is useless to find excuses like "I forgot my running shoes" or "I just can't miss this email". She will make your every muscle work in a 4 sq ft cubicle at your office. You might find yourself writing your email in a plank position! And there is nothing hotter than stretching on Pacific Ocean beach barefoot and in your business suit!

In three months of “conditioning” I dropped a few sizes, lost 20 pounds, completely changed my body composition, and had my good night sleep back. After several months of "maintenance" routine, I am now ready for the next round of “conditioning”! I am looking forward to a new program. I know it will never be the same, and never boring.

I love you, Anna!

Lisa Igudezman
Bridgeline Capital Group, Inc.





In the last several years I have consulted Anna's clients and found that her wellness programs help women to deal with a wide range of psychological issues (stress, postpartum depression, loss, anxiety, post traumatic stress, etc).

Katherine Jordan, Ph.D., CASAC. Currently a practicing psychotherapist at the New York Institute for Modern Psychoanalysis. and